FAQ for theme

There are now 17,000 people who installed this theme. The most frequently asked question I’m getting is:

How do I add my portrait in the about me section? Under Appearance, check the box that says “show portrait”.

I’ve received this question 30 times so I realize it’s confusing. Next version I will make the default setting be to have the portrait displayed.

What happens when you make a tumblr theme…

It’s been about two weeks since I released the free tumblr theme Serifs & Scribbles.

I originally intended this to be a paid theme and emailed the tumblr staff about it but didn’t receive any responses. With a new contract coming up, I decided to just release it for free.

Here are some numbers:

  • Installs after 3 days: 1,100 
  • Installs after 3.5 weeks: 11,155
  • New tumblr followers: 130
  • Additional unique hits weekly through the attribution: 1,307