Natalia covers Augustin Lara! A whole album as an homage to the great mexican singer. Jokingly, to my expat friends, I say Natalia is the Zooey Deschanel of the latin world, and Augustin Lara is the Frank Sinatra. So as it’s as if “She & Him” were doing an album of Sinatra covers…. 

Also next week, Natalia plays in Bogota’s “Estereo Picnic Festival”. The coachella of colombia… jajaja

Even more exciting, Natalia’s version is a duet with the Venezuelan/American singer Devendra Banhart  Here is the original Augustin Lara for reference:


This past weekend I got to explore this beautiful abandoned train station in Medellin, Colombia. (The full set of photos here:

I was having dinner with a few expats the night before, and a colombian student in a photography class was nice enough to invite me on her class photo-excursion. It was saturday morning, and to be honest, I considered bailing on the idea since I was beat from a night of salsa dancing, but nevertheless,it’s these random opportunities that you must seize. 

For the next time, I’m hoping to setup a photoshoot at this location with a model and some sort of conceptual visual ideas. The location is spectacular, and needs some other concepts and imagery to really put it over the edge for me. 

HBX launch

Usually, I don’t announce my work projects with Clearway Design, which is silly because it’s been a part of my life since I was in High School. Perhaps at some point, I’ll reveal all the iterations and evolution of the Clearway Design site.

This week, we’ve had the biggest launch to date. For most of 2013, clearway design was engaged as a consultant on the interface for the Harvard Business School online classes, named “HBX”.

Building and setting up interfaces is second nature to me now, and it was exciting to culminate all my skills and experience from the past decade to quickly lead the setup for the frontend configuration and build a responsive interface.

Although some people don’t like consulting, I find it incredibly interesting and rewarding. You get to learn from the client, and share all your experience from past clients. It’s like being a pollinating bee in the tech world spreading knowledge and experience from place to place. Perhaps though, I’ve been lucky to always work with standup people.

HBX is already receiving positive press. Here is a Boston Globe article:
Wishing the team lots of continued success, and interested to watch this grow.