1. World Map Hat Customer Photos

    I asked customers to send photos of their map hats and I’ve been getting beautiful photos from all over!


  2. New York City, and a beautiful wedding!

  3. Photos from Cuenca Ecuador

  4. Late night salsa at el tibiri medellin. On weekends it’s fully occupied and as muggy as a sauna.

  5. Photoset from Salento. Colombia. Valley De Cocora and coffee farms. Full photo album here

  6. dr seuss trees (at Salento - Quindío - Colombia)


  7. "

    As I see it then, the formula runs something like this: a man must choose a path which will let his ABILITIES function at maximum efficiency toward the gratification of his DESIRES.

    But beware of looking for goals: look for a way of life. Decide how you want to live and then see what you can do to make a living WITHIN that way of life.

    — Hunter S. Thompson